The Six Face Riddle





What has six faces but does not wear makeup. What has twenty-one eyes but cannot see?

The Baseball Riddle


How far can you throw this baseball?

How far can you throw a baseball?


A man takes a baseball and throws it as hard as he can. The ball comes right back to him. There’s nothing in front of or in back of or to either side of him. How did the ball come right back?

The “7-11″ Math Equation Problem


A 7-Eleven Storefront

A 7-Eleven Storefront

In a “seven-eleven” (7-11) store, a customer selected four items to buy. The check-out clerk says that he multiplied the costs of the items and obtained exactly 7.11, the very name of the store!  The customer tells the clerk that the costs of the items should be added, not multiplied.  The clerk then informs the customer that the correct total is also $7.11. 

What are the exact costs of the 4 items?


Thank you Prof. Doug Brumbaugh

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