About The Riddle of Riddles

The Riddle of Riddles is a fantasy about the search for the answer to the Riddle of Riddles, “When is the riddle the answer?” Solving the riddle becomes the task of a boy, Will, who looks for the answer in this book, and is transported into the Realm of Reflection where the search begins. Powerful forces are allied against Will to delay and, ultimately, defeat him. Can Will solve the riddle in time or will he have to face the grimmest of consequences?

The Riddle of Riddles is a riddle about a riddle containing riddles, puzzles, games, and even a cryptogram. Clues to the answer to the riddle are hidden in the text for Will, and the reader, to discover. The reader is challenged to find these answers and to look deeper yet.  What, exactly, is there to be found hidden in The Riddle of Riddles?

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